Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I “start” the App?ISS-iGuard-Personal-Security
A: To start the App simply login with your credentials.

Q: How will I know if an alert has been activated?
A: You will know when an alert has been activated when you see a red alert screen. If you have chosen the stealth alarm profile setting then you will not see a red screen, as the alert has been silently triggered.

Q: If the keypad is locked can i still activate an alert?
A: Yes on Android and Blackberry however the app will need to be running in the foreground on iOS and Windows for an alert to be activated

Q: Can I view the recorded video/audio files?
A: Yes you can view all of your previous alerts by logging into your account and click ‘My Alerts’. Your emergency contacts can also view videos/audio files for each alert via the link which is sent to them in the SMS/Email.

Q: How do I trigger an alert?
A: This depends on the alert activation option you have selected in settings. Which can be one of the following;
Shake to activate
Double tap to activate
Slide to activate (Android only)
A second shake will put the phone in deterrent mode.

Q: When should I use the App?
A: You should use the App whenever you feel vulnerable, uncomfortable, scared, or threatened by an individual, group, or your environment. The App is like your personal security guard.

Q: What happens if I make a false alert?
A: The App is designed to make it difficult to make a false alert. However, if you accidentally trigger an alert, simply tap “Exit” on the App, and verify that you are safe. For more information please read the section on misuse in the Terms & Conditions.

Q: What if I have no emergency contacts?
A: The system requires at least one contact, so if you don’t have an emergency number then you should add yourself. The monitoring center will still be notified if you put yourself down as the emergency contact.

Q: Why does the App ask for my date of birth to cancel an alert?
A: Your date of birth is simple, easy to remember, and unique to you so that you can quickly turn off an alert, but a stranger is unable to shutdown the app on your behalf.

Q: What is the duress pin?
A: If you are forced to cancel an alert, the duress pin provides an additional layer of security. When cancelling the alert, enter the pin 9999. This will escalate and prioritise the alert in the emergency response center, as well as identify that you have been forced to cancel the alert.


How much does the ISSiGuard cost?

  • The ISSiGuard app is FREE
  • No long term contract, minimum connection period 13 weeks
  • Family discounts apply
  • School and club discount available upon request
  • On line support via our website
  • On line web interface for each client
  • Telephone support during normal business hours Monday to Friday.

The price per month for ISSiGuard is $14.30.

Large orders – contact our office via email or phone for special price.


How is the App different from calling emergency services?
The App allows you to have friends, co-workers, family members, and a professional security company involved in your personal safety. An emergency contact or security company team member can respond to your unique situation, including calling emergency services if appropriate.

Is the App always running?
No. You will need to log into the App for it to run.

Will I constantly be tracked / monitored?
No. We will only monitor your movement if you raise an alert.

Can you track me if I’m not signed in?
No. We’re only able to track you if you have logged in to the app. If you log out of the app we will be able to provide the last known location of the phone before you signed out of the app.

Will the App work if I’m indoors?
The App will work both in and outdoors, so long as there is a battery charge and a data connection. The ability to provide a precise GPS coordinate while indoors depends on your network provider and location. If indoors, connecting your phone to WiFi can help provide more detailed information about your location.

Does the alert work if my phone is off?
No. The App will not work if you have not signed in to the App, have no data connection, or if your phone is off.

What happens if my battery runs out?
If your phone loses its battery charge, the App will be unable to monitor you. Once you have recharged your mobile device you should log back into the App, so it can update itself. You should also let your emergency contacts know that you are safe. If an alert has been raised while you lose battery charge, the timer on the alert will continue in the cloud until it receives a cancellation from the device. Once power is restored it will update with the last known GPS position.

What happens if I have no signal?
If you have no signal the App will be unable to track you and send information. As soon as your phone is reconnected the App will automatically update your current location.

Do I have to shake my phone to create an alert?
No. You can trigger an alert by a few different ways. You can adjust your alert settings in the alarm profile section(settings).

Does the App start recording as soon as I login?
No. The app will only record audio/video if you raise an alert. However, it will begin tracking your general location
upon login.

Mobile Devices

Will the App reduce the battery life of my smartphone?
Like all applications, the App will affect your battery life. An exact percentage depends on a variety of factors, including hardware and operating system. On average the App will decrease your battery by 5-10%.

Can I change my phone or SIM card?
Yes. If you change your phone please download the app on your new device and login with your username and password. If you change your SIM Card, update your user account with the new phone number. We recommend running a test alert in both situations to ensure that the App is working properly.

Can the App work with prepaid or postpaid phone plans?
The App is not dependent on network providers, and therefore works with a variety of mobile plans. If you are using a pay-as-you-go mobile plan, the App will only work if you have enough credit to get a data signal, or are able to connect to WiFi.

Can I still use the phone when it’s in tracking mode?
Yes. The App can run in the background and still be active. However, on non-Android devices (iOS, Windows, and Blackberry), the App must be in the foreground of your screen to raise an alert.

What devices can I use the App on?
The App works on a variety of platforms:
Apple (iOs)- version 6.0 or better
Android- Version 2.3 or better
BB10- version 10 or better
Windows Mobile- version 7.8 or better
Blackberry(old)- version 5 or better
If you are unsure if the App will work on your mobile device, please contact customer support.

Can I use the App on multiple devices?
Yes, simply login with the same credentials. Different persons can be tied to the same account, but have their own login credentials, and therefore multiple individuals should not share the same login credentials.

Do I need a data connection?
Yes. The device you use the App with must have a data connection. The App is compatible with any data connection, ranging from GPRS to 4G, as well as WiFi.

Does the App use a lot of data?
No. The App has been designed to be used on an “as and when” basis, having a minimal effect on your data usage. While in tracking mode the data useage is negligible, and 3 ten-second video clips are just under 1Mb.

Does the cost of the App appear on my mobile phone bill?

Privacy and Security

Are the videos stored on my smart phone?
No. The videos are stored on our secure cloud platform.

How secure is the App?
Your personal privacy and safety is our chief priority, and therefore the App is secure on multiple levels. The App’s cloud infrastructure meets DIACAP and ISO standards, and the App is 100% compliant with the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Is the App DPA compliant?
Yes. the App is 100% DPA compliant.

Do you sell or share my details with anyone?
We do not sell your contact information or personal details. We will share your details with your prescribed emergency contacts, and with security professionals and/or emergency services when necessary.

How will I receive information about App?
In the event of an emergency we will contact you via phone, SMS, and/or email. For all other scenarios we will primarily contact you via push notifications, SMS, or email. We may occasionally contact you via phone or mail.

What accreditation does the App have?
The App platform has the following accreditations:
Compliant with BS8484, the British Standard for lone working
MET police accreditation
Compliant with DIACAP and ISO standards for cloud infrastructure
100% compliant with the Data Protection Act (DPA)
The App is also recommended by MET officers for people in domestic violence/stalking situations, and can be used to provide Duty of Care.

Is my data still stored if I delete the App?
Yes. Your data is tied to account, not to your hardware/device. If you delete the app you will be able to recover your data simply by logging in with the same credentials, providing your subscription is still active.