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GPS Mobile Phone and Personal Tracking

ISSIGUARD PHONE HAND SHOTAt Infratec Security Systems Adelaide, we provide services to help you with monitoring and tracking whatever you want, wherever you are.

The ISS iGuard GPS Personal tracker is just one of our fantastic innovative means by which a mobile phone can be tracked by GPS and as a result also manage personal tracking of the individual with the mobile phone.

Personal GPS Tracker Australia

We monitor a wide range of security and tracking products for many clients, ranging from private residential systems through to large industrial/ commercial sites.

GPS Mobile Phone Tracking

With the ISS RISCO iCloud Personal Monitoring App installed on a mobile phone, residential and commercial properties and businesses can benefit from a unique security system that allows them to log into a wireless or wired security system and view their premises through a wireless PIR camera detector. All of this hosted through the secure ISS iCloud server

Personal GPS and Mobile Tracking

Mobile and Personal GPS Tracking ISSiGuard App

Personal and Mobile GPS Tracking Australia

Nothing can be more important that making sure you are secure especially when you are alone. the ISSiGuard is the perfect Personal Mobile Tracking app that can offer security and surveillance wherever you are in Australia.

In 3 simple steps the Issiguard will begin actively tracking and monitoring your location sending an alert to your emergency contact and providing video surveillance and a piercing alarm to warn off any potential attacker.

For more information on this product see our latest Personal GPS Tracking APP – ISSiGuard or Contact us today to discuss your security requirements.

Personal Tracking

Personal Tracker

Vehicle Tracking

Motor Vehicle Tracking

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Fleet Tracking

Fleet Management and Worker Tracking

ISS iTrack 3G Personal Tracker

ISS is proud to also offer the The World\\\’s Smallest Full Band 3G Personal Tracker. This great portable personal tracking device runs for 7 days on standby and uses the 3G Network for Tracking. It features an in-built mic and speaker for 2 way calling and listening and utilises an easy to use tracking app.
The 3G Personal Tracker can be used for a diverse range of tracking applications including

  • Personal Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Management

See the ISSiTrack 3G Personal Tracker Product below for more information and a full list of features on this great Personal Tracking device from Infratec Security Systems.


3G (WCDMA) network

Full band worldwide roaming 3G/2G auto switch.


Portable Design

It is packed with features that can be found only in larger GPS tracker.


Two-way calling /  listen in

With built in mic and speaker, it can realise two-ways audio and listen in feature.


IP65 water resisitant

Specialised design guarantees a stable operating performance..


7 days standby time

Removable lithium-ion battery which ensures remarkably power efficient.

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