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Hills Structure Cabling Home Integrated System

Anyone considering building a new house will have heard someone mention structured cabling or smart wiring, and how important it is to be able to use the technologies available to us, and be prepared for those that are just around the corner.

So what are they actually talking about? Infratec Home Security Systems

The Hills Home Hub delivers and distributes data, phone, video, audio and TV signals using the latest in data and TV cables from a centrally located enclosure to specially configured wall outlets in any room of your choice. Structured cabling using the Hills Home Hub is preferably planned at the same time as your electrical wiring. The central enclosure is home to the devices that enable the delivery and distribution of these signals. It also houses the security system central controller.

Note: An ideal location for the central enclosure is a garage or utility room.

Future Planning

It is important to plan in which rooms you would like to access data, phone, video, audio and TV. This planning is important to you now and to future owners of your home because it adds flexibility and value. The use of a room could change over time. A nursery now will become a teenager’s bedroom, and possibly a study or home office in the future. In order to access or share these signals, cables along with wall outlets, containing standard data and TV entertainment points need to be installed.

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