Users can minimise the risk of meetings and working alone.

ISS-iGuard-Personal-SecurityMeetings allow users to identify when they are going to a potentially dangerous meeting or are a lone worker.

Meetings can be used when:

  • Meeting an estranged partner, associate, or stranger
  • Dating
  • Lone worker

meeting_duration Users set the duration of the meeting.

Meeting_informationUsers enter any relevant information about the location/nature of the meeting, as well as identifying information about the who the user meeting such as the is meeting.

meeting_alertThe meeting alert will activate in the background once the time has expired or unless it is cancelled. Users can also add time to the meeting length.

meeting_alert_automaticWhen the meeting time has expired an alert will automatically be raised. Users can choose to escalate the alert, enter the duress pin, or cancel alert.

The Meetings feature provides extra security when working alone.