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ISSiGuard GPS Personal Tracker

We believe in a potentially dangerous situation such as being attacked or stalked, you won’t care about fancy design. You want a GPS Personal Tracker APP that works, and you want help – fast.

That is why ISSiGuard was designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible to use.

GPS Personal Tracker Overview & Usage:

ISS iGuard personal GPS Tracker

ISS iguard trackers for children to help with tracking your kids

The ISS iGuard GPS Personal Tracker Journey feature can help you travel safely. Whenever you use this feature, your emergency contacts are informed about where you’re going so that they can check on you in case you’re in trouble.

This is the perfect feature for tracking your kids and making sure that they are as secure and as safe as possible while they are travelling. Anyone looking for trackers for children should definitely consider the ISSiguard personal tracker.

Simply select a starting point, and then, an ending point and tap Start Journey. You can also add notes about your journey if you want to inform your contacts if you intend to, for example, stop at the store on your way.

You can check the progress of your journey by taping the interactive map. Once you’ve arrived, the app will ask you whether or not you’re safe, if you select No, you will be given an option to trigger an alert.

Activate an alert:

We have a proactive approach to your safety before, during and after an attack and that’s why
ISSiGuard works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Activate ISSiGuard

We track you in real time from the moment ISS iGuard GPS Personal Tracker is activated, even though an alert has not yet been raised. We do this so, that we can backtrack your movements and possibly find CCTV footage on your route for further evidence, if need be.

Step 2: Activate the alert

ISS iGuard Alert APP GPS Personal TrackerIf you feel threatened, you can send out an alert by either shaking the phone or by using the slider (if enabled). We assume that when you activate the alert, you are doing this for a reason and we therefore INSTANTLY and automatically do several things:

Send the alert

As soon as the alert is activated, your current location and the route from the
time of activation of ISS iGuard is sent to your emergency contacts via SMS
and email. From this moment onwards, your location is tracked and viewed in
real-time by your emergency contacts.

ISSiGuard also offer the facility to automatically post your alerts to your Facebook and Twitter account, ensuring maximum exposure.

Gather evidence

ISSiGuard GPS Personal Tracker automatically starts recording video in secrecy, as soon as the alert is activated.

We understand that your attacker might either try to steal your phone or try to damage it, which is why we stream it directly to our secure servers, so that the evidence is not stored on the phone, but instead on the ISSiGuard website.

This means that your emergency contacts instantly can see and hear what is going on, and therefore be in a better position to help you.

Disabling an alert

The alert can only be disabled by entering your date of birth (DOB) as a pin code.

We believe that in stressful situations, it is unlikely that you will remember a pin code made months ago. However, your DOB is easy to remember. Once you enter your DOB a message is instantly sent to your emergency contacts, telling them that you are OK.

Step 3: Activate the alarm

ISS iGuard Panic Alert APP GPS Personal TrackerYou can use an alarm to try and scare your attacker away. This is done by simply shaking the phone again.

Activating the alarm means that your phone will emit an ear piecing alarm sound, and that the flash on your phone starts to strobe, in order to attract maximum attention.

Activate the alarm if you feel that the situation is getting dangerous and you therefore want your attacker to know that he/she is being tracked and the ISS iGuard alarm will deter them from attacking you.

Disabling an alarm

The alarm can only be disabled by entering your date of birth (DOB) as a pin code.

Once you enter your DOB a message is instantly sent to your emergency contacts.

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