Outdoor Siren

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The Videofied XT-iP Dual Path alarm system/Strobe maximizes deterrence and helps responders to quickly locate the residence or facility at night. Totally wireless, it can be mounted easily anywhere.  Multiple sirens can be placed on the same system.

Outdoor siren is a wireless and battery-powered siren designed for use with a Videofied security system. The siren is normally installed outside of the building to warn thesurroundings that an intrusion is occuring.

The unit is powered by three alkaline batteries that can last four years, depending on the amount of siren/flashlight activity. The unit transmits a check-in signal every eight minutes that includes its unique identification code, along with the tamper condition and battery status.

Outdoor Siren Application

Visual and audible annunciation of alarm in Videofied security systems.

Outdoor Siren Features

  • Encrypted Wireless technology provides optimum signal integrity and security.
  • Speaker – provides output of 100dBA at 1 meter for up three to fifteen minutes, in alarm.
  • transmits a check-in/status signal every 8 minutes
  • indicating tamper state and battery status.
  • Dual tamper provides detection for wall and cover tamper

* SE751 for Australia/New Zealand.

** There is a orange strobe available as an option.

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