XT-iP Dual Path Alarm

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1. Stand alone mode

The XT-iP Dual Path alarm system is a fully stand-alone hybrid control panel, with up to 25 wireless devices, 3 programmable wired inputs and 2 programmable outputs.

2. XTender mode

Is your site already equipped with an intrusion alarm? We have the solution that will allow you to upgrade to video verification: the XT.No modification and no change for the user! The XT simply piggybacks on top of the existing system and there is no need to change keypads, codes, etc. The XT alarm system provides both cell back-up and cordless/wireless Videofied MotionViewers in a single package. The “XTender Mode” uses the existing system to arm/disarm the XT. Alarm and videos of intruders are sent over the cell network directly to the central station.

XT-iP Dual Path alarm system features

  • Up to 25 devices (MotionViewer, sirens, contacts, keypads…)
  • Built in GPRS and radio antenna with 2 easy to access connectors for external aerials
  • 3 programmable inputs
  • 2 programmable outputs
  • 2 programmable arming inputs
  • 2 power supply options :
    Connected with 9VDC to 12VDC, with 4 alkaline batteries back-up
    4 Lithium batteries (4 years battery life – only XT)
  • GPRS modem integrated
  • Ethernet interface (only on XT-iP)
  • Approvals pending: CE / EN50131-Grade2/EN300220/IDA/NCP(Europe)CP-01/UL/FCC(USA)/A-Tick(Australia)/NFA2P

* XT710 for Australia/New Zealand

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