Smoke & Fire Detection

Smoke-Alarm-ISS-ThumbTo enhance the features of your system and your personal and premises safety, Infratec Security Systems can incorporate smoke and heat detectors in to your monitored alarm system.

Unlike standard battery or 240 volt detectors which just emit an audible alarm, the detectors connected to your 24 hour monitored security system, emit the audible alarm as well as report the alarm to a 24 hour monitoring centre.

The monitoring centre will call your premises to make sure you have not activated the smoke and fire alarm in error, and if no reply will request the attendance of the local fire service.

If your system is also connected to our cloud server you will be advise directly to your smart phone via the security system App. The smoke detectors are fully battery backed up from the main security panel and all cabling is checked to make sure there are no faulty.

Fire-Alarm-ISSFor larger premises we can design a complete fire panel system including air conditioning shut down, automated sprinkler system activation, emergency fire call points and fire evacuation sirens with red strobe lights.


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