Videofied Alarm Verification

Videofied Alarm verification by Infratec Security Systems


Videofied Alarm Verification System by Infratec Adelaid

Videofied Alarm Verification:

If you are looking for the security system of the future? then we have the system for you today. Infratec Security Systems is one of South Australia’s largest installers of Videofied Alarm verification systems. Unlike conventional monitored security systems that send an alarm signal to a 24 hour control room, that is then actioned by calling a list of site contacts or requesting emergency services to attend, Videofied Alarm Verification verifies the alarm condition before any action is taken.

How Does Video Alarm Verification Work?

videofied video alarm verification systemVideofied systems incorporate the latest detection technology combining the best of movement detection and camera systems all in the one compact package. When the detector detects an intruder a 10 second video of what activated the alarm is recorded and made available to our control room so they can view the event.

This very powerful feature allows us to view the alarm activation and respond accordingly.

This system almost completely disposes of false alarm issues that can be time wasting and costly, as well as enabling our control room to action the quickest and best response to the alarm. A record of the alarm event is stored and can be emailed or send direct to your smart phone so you are aware of the alarm state.

Not only does the system do all of this, but it is also completely wireless utilising the very latest in long range wireless technology with system video alarm verificationbatteries that can last for years. This makes the system much easier and quicker to install assisting in reducing costs.

All devices connected to the system are fully supervised to make sure they are operational and the system will let us know if a battery requires replacement or a device is being tampered with. The system is also ideal for temporary installations such as new building sites, car yards, or any location that may require security for a short time. We offer short or long term hire rates for such systems.

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